2012 - Established in Daliao District, Kaohsiung City.
2013 - In order to undertake solar radiators, Optical electronic products and other orders.
2014 - Relocated to the present site of  Fenglin No.2 Road in response to business expansion

            To undertake optical products, steam locomotive spare parts and other processing 

            and production.

2015 - Established CNC lathe, milling machine processing production line, to undertake 

            titanium alloy medical orders.

2016 - Procurement sandblasting, grinding and other equipment, to undertake 3C related 

            products and other orders.

2016 - April acquisition of Tainan, Derchin printing company. Provide  Metal, Plastic surface 

            painting, silk screen printing and other surface treatment.

2017 - June Construction of a new plant Establishment of Lian Yi Plant To provide complete 

            customer service, Undertake locomotive ABS system parts, mobile phone elastic steel 

            and other orders.

2017 - Oct Import ISO9001 Quality Management System.